SEO is a framework and set of rules that makes your website popular in the market. You need to follow the process of every important step to know where the problems are and how can you sort out. Follow these steps given below to have strong SEO on your website.


On-site SEO

If you have developed a building and its foundation is in terrible condition, you are going to face lot of issues regardless of the fact that you have great interiors. The same is with SEO. You need a strong foundation which consists of the things such as unique text content, internal link architecture, bot accessibility, sitemaps, URL structure and proper server response codes.

Tip – Perform an audit for your website foundation in the form of a through Technical SEO Audit and it will ensure a rock strong foundation for your website.

Unique Website Content

Boring or duplicate web content will also hold your website back and will have negative impact on the rankings and visibility of your website. On a regular basis, most of us come across websites that contain duplicate content or poorly written content. Sometimes we find websites where the content of the main service page is used on other sub service pages and this is not a good practice at all. In fact, Google has come up with a new algorithm to deal with such issues like internal and external duplicate content – code named as – Panda Update.

Tip – You need to use some paid tool like CopyScape to find out the pages that have duplicate content and infuse fresh content in them. Other than that use Google analytics and then identify the pages that are getting very low traffic and then figure out whether the content of those pages needs modification or not.

Title Tags

Title tag is the most important component of your website from search engine optimization’s perspective. So, choose wisely and decide what to include in the title tags. You need to include keywords in it but don’t make it look like spam. You need to strike a balance between keywords and natural texts so that it serves both the users and the search engines.

Tip – If you are a local businessman, make sure to include your city name in the title tag on the site as it will help you to rank in your local market.

Quality Back links

Back links are the backbone of search engine optimization. What is backlink is that what you want to know? Well, back link is the hyperlink that points back to your website. You need to focus on acquiring as many backlinks from high quality websites as possible. There is domain authority that scales your website from 1 to 100. You can know the score of your website and also compare it with your competitors’ websites and work on improving the Domain Authority of your website by earning back links from authority websites.

Tip – To acquire quality back links, you can sign up for HARO. There are other outreach tools available that can help you reach out to webmasters and website owners and encourage them to add a link of your website in return of an article or a video etc.

Digital PR

HARO is only one way to acquire authoritative links but to really succeed; you can ask other sites to mention your site on consistent basis which will help you to create more back links. Reach out to industry specific reporters to let them know that you would not mind share your views on topics related to the industry you are working. Also make sure that you inform them that you can be approached for interviews anytime.

There is another way to promote your brand online and to get some SEO benefit and it is by reaching out to your partners, clients, vendors and customers to ask them to list your website on their websites.

Tip – If you can manage to get 3-4 quality back links per month, you might see move the needle a little and you might notice some positive changes in the rankings of your website.

Disavowing spam my back link

There were people who make effort to list their website on the spam my directory sites and it could lead to Google penalty.

Sometimes, it might happen that you or your SEO guy inadvertently put links of your website on some spammy websites. Now, Google has already integrated Penguin to its core algorithm and that means, your website might get penalized by search engines for getting links from low quality websites.  So, you need to clean up the link profile of your website as soon as possible before Penguin got you.

We recommend you to go Google Search Console > Links to Your site and then download the latest links of your website in CVS format.  You need to manually evaluate each link carefully and if you find any link that look like spam, you need to contact the webmaster of that website to get the link removed but if they don’t listen to you, you might have to use the last option that is – Disavow Tool.

Tip – If you failed to remove spammy back links, upload the disavowing file and tell Google that you don’t have any association with these links.

Local SEO

Most business owners can’t compete with big business organizations on highly competitive websites and this is the reason why they want to make their website visible on local search terms. So, it is no wonder why Local SEO is gaining so much popularity with small business owners. But first thing first – you need to get your business listed in Google My Business page and Bing Local Business section. Don’t forget to verify them otherwise it will not serve any purpose.

The location and other business information should remain the same. If you submit different business information in different business listing sites, it will create major problems for the visibility of your website. Also don’t forget to upload real photos of your business and keep the listing updated with latest info etc.

Tip – You need to login to these local listing websites every now and then to check how your business is performing.

Local business listings

By submitting the details of your business in local listing websites, you will be able to improve the visibility of your website in local keywords. However, don’t go overboard while doing so. You need to make sure that you are not making any sacrifice on the quality front while submitting your business details on local business listing sites.

Monitoring your success

You can sign up for Moz to track your SEO progress with $75. If this is much for you, you can rely on the good old Google Analytics to monitor and track your success.

Tip – If you are unaware about keyword, use SEMRUSH to know the keyword related to your business.

Continuous Marketing

You need to take an agile approach while trying to market your website. You should promote your blog posts on facebook to get more traffic and also don’t forget to encourage your blog readers to like and share the posts on their social cirlces. Post only insightful articles on your website so that your readers continue to visit your website every now and then.

Tip – Find a journalism or English major and let him go through your website and it will help them write powerful content for your website.


Every website needs to embrace the power of SEO but there are certain SEO fundamentals that you should know before you proceed marketing your website on the web. You need to follow the steps that we have discussed above to make your website more SEO friendly.

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