It is exciting to sign the first web-designing project. Once you step in as a junior web designer, you will have a better future. Mistakes are common during the early stage of the career. However, you need to correct your mistakes and ensure they do not repeat. Web designing projects are to be handled with care and if you commit an unacceptable mistake, the entire project might result in failure. If you have just started your career, make sure you know these common mistakes and take every possible step to avoid them.

Avoid saying ‘ME’ and learn to Say ‘WE’

You are just out of college and you have many ideas in your mind. You may also want to implement all the ideas in your first designing project.

Stay calm.

Avoid saying, ‘It’s my idea’, ‘It’s my hard work’ or ‘it’s my design’. There’s no room for ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘My’

Building a web project is teamwork and you cannot expect the credit for your ideas or work. All successful projects have been the result of teamwork and collective efforts. No one would appreciate you if you are self-seeking and try to take the ownership of the design. You will get your rewards if the work is outstanding but do not be possessive with your designs. Most of the web designing agencies does not entertain designers who are not fit for teamwork.

Learning: Do not take ownership of the design. Do your job perfectly and to your fullest satisfaction and wait for the appreciation to come to you. Hard work will be recognized, if not today, it would be someday.

Lend your ears! Listen carefully and make notes

Your boss or manager will easily be irritated if you do not listen and take immediate actions. As a junior web designer, you must be keen to learn new tips and tricks on various designing principles. You need to listen to the requirement, make a note of the details and ensure right changes are made.

Learning: Carry a notepad and pen when there is a group discussion or design evaluation. Writing them down so that you can ensure no details are ignored.

Do commit the biggest mistake of hiding your smallest mistakes

Are you nearing your tight deadlines?

Do you wish to complete the project before the alarm beeps?

Never compromise on the quality of the designs. The designing agencies will not appreciate your work if the quality is poor. Make sure you accept your fault and request for more time to complete a perfect design. Covering up your mistakes will not take you anywhere.

Learning – With the years of experience, the managers will be able to spot errors and mistakes in the design. If you know your mistake, it is better to admit it and make sure you do not repeat it again.

Feedback time

Be ready to take feedback from experts and seniors. It will help you to grow in your career. There will be no scope for improvement when there is no feedback. Accept criticism and do not feel down or depressed. Take it as a challenge to improve your performance.

Learning – Negative feedback will help you grow. Accept the feedback and improve your performance. Try to change your designing strategy and techniques to deliver excellent results.

Know what to share on social media

It is very common for youngsters to share their experiences on social media. As a new designer, you may want to tell your friends and the world what you are up to but do not get trapped in legal issues. You may have to sign the non-disclosure agreement when you take up the job and make sure you stick to that. Most of the clients would not love to reveal anything about their project until their completion. Anything posted on social media can reach a wide audience. Learn to keep confidential details safe.

Learning – Consult your team members before revealing any details about your project. It is better to stay quiet instead of posting information on social media.

Mistakes can happen but as a professional, you need to start learning from them. Be matured and responsible. The designing field is highly competitive and it might be difficult to sustain in your designing agency if you do not learn from your mistakes.

Hope this article helps you to avoid mistakes that you commit unknowingly.

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