Are you still trying to figure out ways and means to drive traffic to your website? If yes, it’s time to channelize your content using apt mediums. Channelizing your content means you need to divert good referral traffic to your page by using different search engines. To define referral traffic means that specific percentage of web traffic which gets sourced to your website outside of Google.

Here we shall discuss about developing content and making maximum utilization of varied search engines to invite referral traffic to your website.

Communicate through Q and A

Query websites namely Quora and Yahoo answers are the top rated go to websites when it comes to consumer queries. It is through this avenue that you can connect with people and provide them an insight of your services. Striking a connection with the consumer is a basic when it comes to digital marketing. Here are a few points you can keep in mind while using these websites as search engines for your business.

  1. Avoid going through each and every question as not all questions will be associated with your business. Keep a track of keywords and phrases which are relevant to your business and keep the answer precise.

  2. Before going haywire to answer questions mention your business and the services you have to offer and accordingly choose the questions. Avoid personal conversations and non-business like chats.

  3. Make a fresh post and keep a track of the same. Refrain from answering questions which already have numerous answers. Once a query has been answered make it a point to end it with a few useful web links of your business, thereby giving the consumer an idea of your business profile.

Biz videos

Being visible in the digital marketing field not just means being present by answering queries but also visually connecting with your clients. It all begins with making a video and posting the same on different channels to be one to one with the consumer. There are a few things to keep in mind while making a video. Design the message behind your video, be precise while explaining the motive of your video, keep the content of the video compact, and do not go overboard with the script. In addition to this, avoid over dramatization and excess video graphics.

Make a clean edit and refrain from abrupt endings. Make a communicative video thereby connecting with the viewer. Internet is flooded with numerous editing softwares, hence choose the correct one and get the business going. For example if you plan to upload a video on Youtube, Youtube offers you its own editing software to edit the video.

Your job does not end here. Once the video is made ensure it reaches the maximum audience by posting it on different search engines. Along with creating a video it is also important to seek sufficient visibility for the video.

Blend it to perfection

To gain maximum web traffic to your page, apart from established search engines you need to also promote your page on other mediums. For this you need to explore content relevant to your business on other pages.

Internet is swamped with zillion blogs and articles which might be of some relevance to your business. Go through the blogs and if you find something that seems similar to your content, try and amalgamate it with your content to increase visible traffic.

In addition to this, send links of your content to established bloggers and fix collaboration. Approximately, 52 percent people are regular blog followers and hence there are high chances of them getting exposed to your back links.  If you witness repeat visitors try and get their contact information to explain them your services.

Collaborative deal

Blogging and bloggers are an integral part of digital marketing and SEO. Pump in your search topic on Google and you shall find infinite blogs highlighting the latest trends in the industry. Collaborating with bloggers and convincing them into promoting your services is one of the finest options of increasing web traffic.

Build a good business rapport with bloggers and keep them updated about your latest services and how will that help the consumer. Provide them with the necessary data, statistics and web links for them to promote on their page and vice versa. If a consumer visits your website, guide them to the blog page so they get a detailed account of your services. In addition to this, invite bloggers from the industry to post guest blogs on the website.

Merge with forums

Being a part of interactive session is a necessary element for digital marketing business. Register yourself on such active forums and post regular updates. Make sure you register with a unique brand name to grab the attention of the consumer. Consumers analyze your constant presence on the forum and approach you for services. Share your experiences and connect with the consumer. Ensure to keep an appealing visual data to build business confidence with the clientele.

Be calculative and use the aforementioned measures to boost visitor traffic, thereby making your business one of the most sought after in the industry.

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