The Best Ways To Rule The Online Search Results Through SEO in 2018

Growing a business is not achieved overnight. It involves a lot of research, hard work, tactics and passion. Ask any successful business owner or entrepreneur and they would tell you the hardships they have gone through. Likewise, building an online website and establishing it on the world wide web is a slow process but if you plan and execute your strategies in the right way, you are close to success.

Where does your website stay on Google Search Results?

No matter where your website is, this guide would help you move to the first page with fewer efforts.

Being on the first page of Google is an achievement and your business will get the best recognition if you are on the first page.

If you have dreams reach the first page, read our guide to know more.

Link Building explained in Simple terms

Google Algorithm determines the page ranking based on the backlinks. Your website gets an authority when other websites link to yours.

What’s Internal and External Backlink?

Writing numerous blogs for a new website will not generate any traffic or authority and eventually, it does not help your SEO. If you are starting a new website, it is essential to write contents for external websites and promote your contents on various social media platforms to win attention.

How many backlinks are essential every month?

As a newbie, you need to earn 4-5 backlinks every month.

Does it sound simple?

It’s actually not simple to earn backlinks unless you have the right skill for public relations and content creation.

For example, if you are a manufacturer dealing with ethnic garments in a particular location, you need to write interesting postings related to garments on shopping websites or another forum where your customers would gather. Posting interesting contents on another qualified website would earn a valid backlink to your website.

Do not go by numbers but make sure you strictly follow the quality parameter.

How do you get backlinks?


One cannot simply post articles on any website. You need to know and find out the best website where you can contribute an outstanding content. The domain authority of the website is essential to make sure the website you choose has a good authority. You could search the Google News/Trends to find out relevant news about the products and services you deal with. This will give you an extensive idea of the websites where you can post quality contents and get backlinks.

Plan and be organized

Once you do your research, you need to keep a track of the research conducted. Make sure you stay up-to-date and write down the name of the website and other details that are essential to post the content. Plan and execute the strategy well. The trickiest part is to find the email address to outreach the website owner.

Outreaching through email address

Getting the email address is the most important process. It is not the best idea to fill a generic ‘contact us’ form to reach the editor/author/owner of the website. If you don’t find an email address on the website, you need to try looking for their social media handles like Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn to connect with the author/editor/owner. If you can find the email of the author, it will be highly beneficial.

Always have a draft to pitch

Your personal touch is very important to write an email to pitch the website owners/authors. Ensure you create a draft on your own by including your personal statements.

Keep trying

Do not stop with sending an email. As a newbie, you need to keep trying till you get hold of the website owner where you would like to publish your content. You need to constantly get in touch with them through different modes and send them reminder emails to grab their attention without annoying them.

Have you got a response from the website owner/author? What’s next?

Content Creation

You win if you hear back from the editor or author of the website. Now, it’s time to prepare your content based on the suggestions from the author/editor. Share your experiences or write an interesting content that will keep the audience engaged. Make sure the author/website owner is happy with the content and build a strong relationship. Connect with them to write more articles.

If you are yet to build SEO backlinks for your website, it is time to start now. Hope this guide helps you to build SEO links from the excellent website. Create quality links and win the authority by Google and rank better on search engines.

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