Summary: The Article will help you to know the benefits of SEO and how to avoid common mistakes while designing or developing the website.

With the rapid growth of the internet in the modern era of technology, online marketing has gained significance of every entrepreneur and business person. Nowadays the size of the entity doesn’t matter anymore, you are in the top searched list of any search engine that decides whether your business is performing outstanding or it is an average organization. In that case, search engine optimization or SEO plays an important role for the growth of the online business.

The most important element of any website is it’s planning and designing. While designing the website the designers should not compromise with the look or beautification and the functionality of the web project. It might happen that your website is filled with the beautiful color scheme, background, stylish texts, images and various other multimedia elements still your website is lacking the rank of its online presence because you have ignored or underestimated some basic variables of SEO marketing. The people are only dependent on a single platform that is called the internet and the users don’t have enough time to go through the brochures or pamphlets of your company. So the design of the site should be attractive, interactive, and easy to use as well as with better functionality on the search engine.

Here are a few key elements which should not be ignored while designing a website:

  • Absence of H1 tags or the heading tag on the home page: H1 tags hold an important place in the search ranking because it tells the user what the page is all about. The tag and keyword can improve your ranking. Sometimes the web developer gives extra focus to the color scheme, background and font style but misses the H1 tag because of the lack of space. One should never forget that user gets to know about the site by seeing this tag so one should never forget to give space to H1 tag.

  • Avoid the usage of heavy audio, video and image file on your website:  These multimedia files occupy much space on the page and thus takes time to get loaded. Hence, it can slow down the speed of the site which can affect the ranking. To avoid this mistake the developer can take the help of various software which can identify the heavy files and then you can manipulate the size by compressing it to lower the size and this manner your ranking can be enhanced.

  • Pop ups advertisements on the page: Pop-ups ads can distract user you’re your content. For example, a user have clicked your website link and suddenly a pop up appears on the main screen before he has seen the main content then it can give a negative impact on the visitor and thus lower your rank. This is much more problematic when the user is using the mobile phone for accessing the website.  In such case, you should be careful about the pop ups.

  • Adding text on images: This is one of the common mistakes by a developer which can create a problem for your website. In most of the cases the designer doesn’t add separate layers of text and use texts on the image itself which might be identified by the user but Google or any other engine can’t identify it. Google can’t recognize the text and it means you haven’t used it thus your position will be lower because you haven’t used one of the most important elements.

  • Infinite scrolling: It can really be bad for your website because it can load much content till you reach the last of the page. The set-up of the page is not done in a proper way then Google can’t crawl the whole page which can affect the search position.

  • Avoiding product and services page on your website: These pages are really important and can improve the position. These pages content should have targeted keywords and try to differentiate the multiple products on multiple pages with sufficient texts because it can higher your rank on the search results.

These points need to be taken into the consideration whether you are redesigning your old website or working on a new one. The helpful tips will help you in growing SEO ranks.

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