Search Engine Optimization is essential for businesses of every size. Every business, whether small or large, tries to sell products through their website. The SEO experts try to optimize the content relevant to the business. It’s a competitive platform and that’s where SEO tools play a major role. With billions of websites, it’s a challenge to drive traffic from the search engine without the SEO tools. If Tools aren’t there we wouldn’t get anything done.

The best SEO Tools will help you to explore the challenges and opportunities. It will help you to save time and create a better website that satisfies the needs of the business and the customers. User satisfaction is essential for successful business and it boosts the website rank in Google.


It is an all in one SEO tool which helps in keyword research, competitor analysis, and site audits. The Tool allows you to check the keywords popular in your niche, phrases, terms and related keywords that help you to enhance the link building strategies. It allows you to focus on unpaid traffic by pointing you to Google’s natural listings. SEMrush shows the average click on a particular keyword in the Google Adwords.


Ahrefs is used for research and analysis. This tool is a favorite tool for thousands of online marketers and business owners. Ahrefs is a reliable tool that improves the search engine rankings.

The Site Explorer feature is best for backlink analysis.

Content Explorer feature searches for the most popular content on any topic or keyword.

Keyword Explorer feature lists the global search volume of the keyword and it also provides information on the keyword ideas, keyword position and the level of difficulty.


Do you wish to see the overall SEO optimization of your website?

Would you like to see how good or bad your website progresses with reference to search engine optimization?

Seobility is the best tool to get the statistics you have been looking for.

The SEO check feature will test the overall performance of the website and gives you interesting tips to enhance your optimization.

Keyword check feature gives you a glimpse of the page ranking based on target keyword.

SEO Compare features allow you to compare the keywords of two pages. It can be that of your competitors.

Ranking check feature checks the page ranking for every keyword.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps you analyze the right keyword for your website. This keyword can quickly analyze the top 10 results in Google for each keyword. As a quick tool for keyword researchers, it checks the important SERP data points like the Meta Tags, Domain and Page Authority, Moz Rank, total backlinks, Domain age and more.

SearchMetrics Suite

SearchMetrics Suite is the best tool to check the performance of the website for the last 6 month. It helps digital marketers to plan, execute, report and measure the internet marketing strategies. It gives a quick view of competitor keyword analysis and more.


It’s a paid tool mainly used for outreach purpose. When you start building links, there’s a lot of outreach involved and Pitchbox makes it simple for you. Though it is not an SEO Tool, it plays a major role in outreaching. It enhances your overall outreach efforts effectively. Their email sequence feature allows you to set up follow-up emails. This tool is effective for marketers working as a team. It also has a link monitoring feature that tracks the performance of the link.


This is a free tool used for Competitor Research. Install the browser extension and find information on Google index, Alexa Rank, Web domain age, Number of external links and more. If you are looking for competitor’s research, SEOquake will be a handy tool.


SEOptimer is the best tool that helps you to know the performance of your site’s SEO. It is important for every digital marketer and Business owner to know the performance of the website. SEOptimer gives you a glance at the overall SEO performance. If it’s bad, you can work on things to make it better, if it’s great, you can concentrate on what you have been doing.

It shows on page metrics such as user experience, speed, mobile responsiveness, keyword usage and more.

You can also check the off page metrics such as backlinks, Domain authority and more.

Once the analysis is complete, it provides you information and recommendations for your website.

Seed Keywords

It is a free took for effective keyword research. Seed Keywords work in a different scenario. It helps you to get the best keyword based on questions. For example, you may ask question “If you are looking for SEO tools, what would you search for?”. Seed keywords would give you a unique URL, which can be shared with friends and many people on social profiles and more.

You need to wait for the response.

Once you get a response from many people, you will get the best search term. You can optimize the search term based on real-life internet users.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is used for tracking the rank of the website. It is a SERP monitoring tool that allows you to track the results of a country, city, postal code or more.  The tool gives you rank positions on the website and the search volume of particular keywords. This tool is also effective in providing complete competitors analysis. It allows you to look at the best keywords of your competitors and the high ranking of every best keyword.

Here’s an organized list of the most famous SEO tools used for different purpose














SEO is essential for every online website whether small or big. It is the best and the largest source of organic traffic that converts visitors into customers. Whether you like it or not, you need to follow SEO strategies to make it to the top page of Google search engines. I Hope these important tools help your business to shine. This is not the end of the list, there are numerous SEO tools that work efficiently to improve the page visibility.

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