Almost every company has a blog but the biggest challenge is to grab the attention of the readers. Regular updates on company blogs do not make a big impact when it comes to generating traffic outside the company network. Eventually, an excellent strategy for maintaining and updating the blog fails and the promotion of products and services stands still.

Medium – A blogging platform

Medium is an online magazine, an excellent blogging platform, a platform for the publisher and it has been called a lot of things. Medium is similar to a personal publishing blog with a lot of added advantages. Medium has become a place for marketers to experiment with great contents and it is the best platform for individuals and businesses to tell their stories.

What’s best about Company blogging

Blogging is a marketing technique to communicate and establish a good relationship with the customers. It is the best way to reach the target audience with the products and services offered by the company. Blogging is similar to advertising products and services on social media, email, newsletters, and the rest. Here are few outstanding benefits of blogging on company websites.

Drive traffic to the company portal

With effective blogging strategy, excellent content and effective keyword placements, you can improve the number of visitors to the company website. Indexing every blog post has a bigger benefit in the search engine. With a little bit of effort, you can drive excellent traffic directly to your website. Social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter also helps you to boost the number of visitors to your blog.

Convert the traffic into leads

Once you are able to grab the attention of your readers, you can easily convert your readers into leads. A well-drafted content with information and facts would help you build trust and your readers will eventually turn as potential customers.

Establishing authority and trust

A good blog that describes the product, features, and the services answers major and minor questions of the customers. This helps you to build trust and establish authority. Owning a company blog gains the trust of the customers quicker than using other platforms.

Why should you avoid posting blogs on the company website?

Maintenance and resources

You need resources to manage and maintain the blog. From the steady stream of content to secure the content, everything needs time and investment. With other company improvements in place, updating company blogs gets its least priority and probably ignored.

Getting organic search results can be a big task

If you are a startup with no SEO authority, you are going to have a big time in improving the organic search results. Unless you are a big brand, it is going to be difficult to establish the connection that you want to have.

Poor blogs spoils your reputation

Your websites are the best place for customers to understand your business. If your company blogs are not of high quality, you are likely to lose the reputation of your business. Great brands with poor blogs do not do much good.

Medium – The latest trend that reshapes content marketing

Marketers have started establishing their online presence on social media and then on websites. It helps them reach the customers quicker than before. Successful marketing campaigns are the ones that will happen on third-party content platforms such as medium. Medium is attractive, easier and cheaper for brands to establish a strong connection with their audience.

Medium is different from traditional blogging. It rewards content based on quality and not for the popularity of the author or the number of followers. Medium is an excellent platform to publish high-quality content that is useful for the visitors. The site encourages great writing and it aims at giving superior experience for its readers. An excellent content on medium gets the highest visibility and the algorithm prioritize quality over publishing date.

Why should companies publish content on Medium?

Huge traffic from relevant audience

Medium gets more than 60 Million visitors per month. The easy to use interface and simple design helps readers to look for their areas of specification easily. With a lot of categories and tags, it helps readers to find their contents quickly. It is one of the excellent platforms for upcoming brands. It is also an easy way to establish communication with the potential audience.

Editing scopes

The content management system is easy to use and it gives a great reading experience to the readers. There is a lot of whitespaces that allows users to comment on every line or quote. The iOS app and Android App makes it the most preferred platform for business owners and brands.

Search Engine Optimization

Enjoy the significant SEO visibility with Medium. It establishes a lot of backlinks and social media interaction. Searching the right keyword for your blogs help you to get the best domain ranking authority scores. Right keyword placement and optimizing the contents for SEO will help you reach the potential audience easier.

Built-in Social media plugin

A content posted on Medium reaches a huge network and it is quickly linked to the social media accounts for interactions with the audience.

Republish without duplicates

Plagiarism is strictly monitored by Google’s search algorithm however, Medium is a platform that exports content from the original source without a duplicate tag. It helps you to post the same content in multiple places to reach audiences better.

Why Medium is not for you

Not for distinct visual identity

Medium gives the best experience for readers but bloggers looking for visual customization do not get a place here. The platform is customizable but not to a great extent, that makes a visual identity.

Do not expect leads

Unlike company blogs, you cannot expect leads through Medium. It does not allow people to sign up for newsletters or emails. Medium is just a platform to publish and the contents have to speak for itself.

Company blog or Medium

Ultimately, both have their own way to approach the audience. While company blogs or expensive to handle, Medium is cost-effective. Choosing company blogs over Medium is the decision of the business owners. Company blogs help you establish loyal fan following, however, the traffic might be less. On the other hand, Medium gives you an excellent chance to publish high-quality content that attracts thousands of users.  For a better result, publishing the content on company websites and republishing them on Medium make a good marketing strategy. Find out the strategies of your business and choose the best option that works for your business.

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