Local business on the first page of Google; what takes you there?

Do you ever click on the second or third page of the Google’s Search Engine?

No! It’s not just you, but your potential clients too!

In fact, less than 3 percent of users make it to the second and third page. If your local business does not appear on the first page, you’re missing out your potential customers. Getting a Local business website appear on the first page of Google is one of the biggest achievements for small business owner.

Search Engine Optimization – A Complex Marketing Channel

The SEO process needs fine tuning and refining multiple times in a year. Google, changes it search algorithm more than 500 times, which includes minor and major changes. Major changes in the algorithm (Google Panda, Google Penguin) affect Local SEO in a big way. How Google assesses the quality of the website and ranks the pages is still a mystery. The search engine algorithms are under tight security making it challenging to the SEO experts to rank the business on top.

Ranking factors of Local SEO

Do you see a lot of traffic for your local business? If you don’t, you’re not alone!

Most people find local business through online searches so if you are not on the top; you are missing your customers. Sitting on page 2 or Page 3 may not get you any traffic.


Here’s a break-up of Local SEO signals. The On-Page SEO like Keywords, Title, Domain Authority, NAP brings more traffic than the other parameters. Consistent NAP and citation volume is essential to rank top. The Keywords in the business title, Category of business play a vital role followed by other parameters such as inbound anchor text, Linking domain authority, Reviews, Social media likes, Click through rates, Mobile to call clicks, Check-in and more.

Best Techniques to get results from Local SEO Campaigns

Business owners are scared if their business will appear on the top of search results but the truth is promising. It is easy to rank on the top however, it cannot happen overnight. Implementing the right strategy for few years will help businesses to get to the top.

Have you picked the right keyword?

Get into the mind of customers and know what they are looking for!

Well, If you are customers, how would your search for the nearest spa in your location?

“Spa in New Jersey”, “Spa services near New Jersey”

The first best technique to improve your page ranking is the effective usage of Keywords.

How would you get the best keyword?

Search them now! Know your competitors and look at their status on Google search. Find out the keywords used by them. You can find out the keywords through SpyFu.com. It will help you find the organic and paid keywords used by the competitor. It also gives you the list of AdWords they have bid.



There’s lot more you can do with the keyword. One of the best ideas is to create a promising blog post or article using the keyword. You can also use the keywords to find new keywords to your websites. Keyword Planner is the best options to find new keywords.

The keyword you choose will determine the place you get in the search results. The most effective and efficient way of getting the first page of Google is to use the best keyword that represents your business. However, keyword stuffing is not a good practice. Google’s algorithm rejects web pages that are stuffed with excessive keywords.

Target the ‘Top 3’ local pack

Google features the top 3 popular businesses based on its ratings and reviews. The most challenging spot is available only for 3 businesses and it’s highly competitive. You need to set up a Google My business page. Google My Business, is not famous for other social media sites but it is very useful and powerful for small business owners. It helps the business to be indexed quickly on Google.


Why is NAP important?

The Name-Address-Phone Number of the business should be consistent in all your business pages and posts. While registering on Google My Business, you need to make sure you type the legal business name, Address, and the correct phone number. This information must be present in the most important pages of your website.

NAP is important for marketing your business locally and it also increases your chance to reach the top 3 local packs.

Get more clicks on Mobile friendly websites

More than desktops and laptops, people use mobile devices to search products and services. If your website is not mobile friendly, you will lose the competition. What do we mean by friendliness? It doesn’t mean to own a separate website for mobile users. It means, making the entire website easy to use on mobile and other devices.

Responsive Interface – Websites should be easily used on any device whether small or large display screen.  Responsible design can convince both mobile and desktop users.

Keywords Specific to Mobile phones – Mobile phone users are different from desktop users. While you spend time on keyword research, you need to focus on mobile-specific keywords, which are different from the ordinary.

While desktop users search for “Spa services in NJ”, Mobile users prefer searching “Spa Services near me”

The purposes of mobile users are different from the desktop users. Mobile users take quick actions for every search result so it is essential to concentrate on Mobile SEO.

Do you have your location in the URL?

No stuffing is allowed! You need to include the location in the URL organically.  If you are in the process of building your website, it is easy for you to implement it. Google prefers URLs with the location, especially for Local Searches.  For instance, XYZSPAnj.com gets better recognition.

Write contents

Contents play a major role in Ranking Local business. Creating a great blog post, long-form articles are important for every business to reach to the top. Content with more than 3000 words is highly recommended to get more traffic, shares and what not!

People are looking for long contents and if you run a local business, you can write about your favorite niche. Spend time reading good contents and ensure you write only excellent ones. Most importantly, what you write must make some sense to your existing customers and new customers. Research about what to right and do not publish them all together. Post one article per week and gradually increase them once you are comfortable with the position.

A trendy website is not the only way to boost the traffic.Getting to the first page of Google overnight is not realistic though you know what to do and how it works. Take time to research and follow a unique strategy that will help you get the number 1 position in Google’s page rank. Follow the rules and gradually improve the Rank of Local business.

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