The Google Search Engine takes the aid of various methods to rank the pages in its search results. The working mechanism of the search algorithm is still unknown to the experts. However, there are few elements that can help you in improving the page rank on Google Search results.

If you are looking to rank high on search engines, you must understand that there are no quick tricks and no shortcuts to being on top of the search history. It is a lengthy process with the strategic approach. Search engine optimization involves proper planning and execution in achieving your raking goals. There are many elements that have a great impact on the search engine ranking Likewise, there are few things that don’t affect your Google rankings.

Does the age of website really matter?

We all believe that older websites have a chance to rank high on search engines which is just a myth. According to the Google Search Algorithm, the age of the website is not a matter of consideration as long as the purpose of the website is rightly set. Google search algorithm does not consider the age of the website so it is okay if your website was just registered a few years back or a few days back.

Having a website for few years helps you build backlinks and authority that is helpful in getting the desired traffic. Google simply doesn’t care about the age of your website as long as the performance is good.

Does Google Apps and Google Services improve the search ranking

It is a great idea to use the services provided by Google but you must believe that it doesn’t improve the ranking of your webpage. The Google search algorithm do not consider the app or other services you use. Google doesn’t check if you are using its applications or services for getting shady links, storing data, etc.

Likes, shares, Tweets, Retweets on Social page do not contribute to the page rank

In the digital era, it is essential to be a part of social networking sites but that do not improve the search results. Do not confuse the likes on your Facebook post and shares on Google Plus to improve the ranking of your website.

17000+ likes and shares on Facebook and Twitter bring traffic and engagement but it doesn’t improve the page rank. Google doesn’t consider the social involvement so use your social media network just to promote the website, product and its services. Apart from user engagement and marketing, they do not have a direct impact on the ranking of your website in Google Search engine.

Knowledge panel on your website

Google doesn’t consider the knowledge panel while providing a rank to any of the websites. The knowledge panel provides you information of the particular search, which is also revealed through Wikipedia, sometimes. The knowledge panel only provides you with an increase in the number of clicks, which would be a good impact on getting traffic to your website. Google never considers the knowledge panel while ranking your website on search pages.

Apart from all these, some other elements that don’t have any direct impact on the rankings of Google search, are the headlines of the blogs or content, the H1, H2, H3 tags, characters that are used as separators, usage of defaults already assumed by Google, technology used by you under the site’s hood, the characters used in the form of separators in the title, etc. Hence, it is important to know the facts that would help your website rank on the Google search engine, with the help of an effective SEO service, rather than expecting ranks from other indirect sources.

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