Lack of traffic is the biggest problem faced by brand-new internet business owners’. Without traffic; you cannot generate sales and can’t test the key components of your sales process. Here I will provide you with the list which will allow you to test the site key sales element even if there is no traffic.

  1. Get the exact traffic you need to test your website quickly:

There are four critical aspects of your sales process that need to be tested before you start driving traffic, i.e.

  • Sales copy
  • Order process
  • Opt-in offer
  • Site navigation

After you’ve tested the site, it is time to tweak your site with a limited amount of purchased traffic, through PPC search engines.

  1. Get cheap traffic quickly with PPC advertising:

PPC campaign on a larger scale is the fastest way to ramp up traffic to your site, For that, you should start with Yahoo Search Marketing and Findwhat, Kanoodle, Enhance Interactive and LookSmart.

  1. Get free traffic from search engines like Google:

Search engines like Google and Yahoo can be an amazing source of free traffic for your website. The only trick is to get top ranking through SEO optimized content. Every search engine has a slightly different process for site submission.

  1. Free content buys you priceless publicity:

This is a highly neglected strategy for getting traffic is giving free content to other interesting websites just write a short bio about your company. Many websites require new content, so they will post your article and soon those articles start driving traffic back to your site.

  1. Receive free word of mouth publicity using viral marketing:

Encourage people to pass on information about your site to others, and you can use that word-of-mouth to gain publicity for your business, try to spread the message like a viral. You can simply encourage your readers to forward your article to friends and family, that will publicize your article at no extra cost.

  1. Receive free links on other high-traffic websites:

Link request is a quick way to enhance traffic overnight. All you need is a featured link on a major site, which receives tons of attention and your site will automatically benefit from all the exposure. When you are contacting the other site owner for link request be sure to include positive comments about their site, information about you and your site, way to contact you and don’t forget to present a convincing argument for why the link request benefits both the parties.

  1. Make thousands of websites to promote your business for free:

You can hundreds of websites promoting your product or service paying only when you earn. This can be done by using Affiliate programs. It is a great way to get other people (your affiliates) to promote your product or service for you by paying them a commission. Your affiliates send visitors to your site using banner ads, text links, and letters of referral, while you keep a track of this by using special software.

  1. Use e-mail marketing to attract repeat visitors:

An immense amount of traffic is great but you need to keep a record of contact information for your visitors. You can use the opt-in form on your homepage; an email on regular basis from you through e-mail messages called “autoresponders” can increase traffic. It is easy to follow up using e-mail management and automation software.

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