If you consider European Union, then internet penetration is more than eighty percent, and in some of the countries, it’s more than ninety percent. On the other hand, in a country like China, you will come across 731 million people using the internet. But interestingly, this only represents about fifty three percent of China’s total population. Therefore, there’s still plenty of scope for growth!

The Internet provides brands an excellent opportunity to reach as many customers as possible across geographical boundaries and cultural barriers. However, reaching various cultures needs an understanding as to what people actually want or desire for in these countries. Once this understanding is established, the task of producing international content as per these needs become simple. However, it’s not only about translating your content into various languages, but also about applying some basic SEO techniques on an international scale. Therefore, in the following paragraphs let’s find out some interesting strategies to get you going with your international SEO campaign.

Understand The Varying Demands

SERP layouts and content types always differ from one country to another country. Over the years, Google is following this type of a trend. For instance, a special type of keyword may trigger a brilliant response in a country like France, but far away in Australia it may not. For this reason, local interests and trends are to be taken care of for achieving the best possible result.

You must understand that expectations from the brands differ from one region to another. Also, analyze the web traffic pattern of your targeted country before moving ahead with your international SEO campaign.

Building An Excellent Global Framework

Incorporating the minute aspects of the SEO becomes absolutely mandatory at the time of formulating an international SEO campaign. For this reason, employ the hreflang tags. Now, hreflang tags are pieces of the code system that help a search engine like Google to recognize the country and intended language of the content. The tag will ensure that your content gets displayed exactly at the right country or region. Moreover, these tags also minimize the risk of duplicate content.

Unify The Differing Strategies

In order to start on an extremely successful note, it becomes important to unify your local, global, as well as all mobile optimization related strategies.

Now, as a part of your global / international strategy, you must rank the countries in an order as to where you think you will find most of your customers. These well thought out rankings will also make it easy for you to identify priorities.

Use local as well as hyperlocal strategies at the time of content creation. In other words, focus on the research of local keywords, and hire some native speaker in order to identify the regional dialects. Once this is established, you will be in a position to generate great content for the targeted local audience.

Finally, it’s also important to ensure that the content is fit for mobile usage. This is mainly because in a global scenario, the mobile has now clearly outpaced the desktop.

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