Interesting ideas to grow your business with Twitter account

The popularity of Twitter has skyrocketed and it has become the most adored social media platforms.

Have you been regularly tweeting your ideas, services, and products of your business?

Do you see a regular traffic from Twitter?

If yes, Kudos!!! You’re doing a great job!

If you don’t see traffic and conversions, you must actually use Twitter in the right way to make the most of it.

Know your goals

Are you tired of trying different marketing strategies?

None of them would work if you do not set your goals and milestones.

You’re likely to make mistakes and go off the track if you don’t have a goal to achieve.

Constant tweets on Twitter would not make any difference unless you follow a business growth plan.

The biggest marketing challenges of business are to generate traffic. Every digital marketer faces different challenges but the goal is same. Finding the right technology and the best practices will help in business growth.

With more focus, your Twitter account can change into a game-changing lead generation tool for your business. If done right, you will see more and more people following your Twitter account. You can optimize the Twitter marketing strategies to maximize the revenue.


Once you’ve identified the goals, choose the best ways to use Twitter and accomplish them.

Getting the basics right

Make the best impressing with your Twitter Profile

It takes few seconds for people to judge your business on social platforms. A creative ‘first impression’ is essential for your Twitter account. Your profile should focus on the deliverables in a creative way, which will earn recognition, respect and the much-needed attention. Be professional while creating the profile, which increases the traffic towards your business.

  • Add a good image
  • Write briefly about the business, services, and products
  • Add logos
  • Introduce your business website or blogs
  • Follow relevant people/business

Practical ways to use Twitter for Business Growth

Twitter Cards

Are your tweets not getting recognized? Do you wish to stand out of the crowd? You can implement Twitter cards. Twitter has seven types of cards and you need to set up your business website with the Twitter cards. When people share your post, an image appears in the tweets they send.

Do you want to find out if the Twitter cards are rightly set on your website?

Log on to, type your website address and check the Twitter tab to know if the Twitter cards are setup up properly.

Participate or initiate Twitter chats

Twitter chats are the right place where you can discuss with likeminded people about the business, blog, products or services. It is the best place where you can answer questions related to your business with active followers. The Number of followers does not make sense unless your followers are active. Active users who participate in the chats can become your potential customers.

Make use of it to share ideas and talk about your business

Engage with your Influencers

The best way to initiate a chat is to find the influencers of the business. You can use tools like SocialBro, BuzzSumo to find your potential influencers. Once you know your influencers, you can start engaging them in every activity on Twitter. Once you connect with the right people, you can get more followers who will bring enough traffic to your website.

Build your Twitter Followers

The best way to connect with the customer is to make your content friendly, interesting, conversational, funny and informative. The best Twitter posts are those, which are funny and interesting. If you want more followers for your Twitter account, you need to add engaging posts that can benefit your business. Social Quant is the best tool to find suitable users and make them your potential customers.

Schedule your Tweets

Once you start building your followers, you need to keep them engaged regularly. You need to follow a posting schedule and keep tweeting occasionally. Do not post all your messages at once. Share it periodically when most of your followers are active. You must retweet the contents to bring more traffic.

Manage your Twitter contacts

Do you want to keep a track of your followers? It is good to know what your followers tweet. You need to be active, retweet their posts and respond to their messages. You can use tools like TweetDeck and Hootsuit to manage your followers.

Use Twitter Ads to Target your followers


Twitter Ads are created to focus on the new audience who are not your followers.

Promoted Tweets – You can pay for your regular posts, which will be displayed to an audience who are not following you.

Promoted Accounts – You can gain many followers though promoted accounts. It always stays in the spotlight and reaches the timelines of targeted users. The promoted account shows up when users search for relevant business and services.

Promoted Trends – Trending topics appear on your dashboard. You can pay and promote a hashtag. You can use different types of advertisement campaigns.

Twitter Contest

You can run random contents on Twitter and convert your audience into customers. You need to select the best content that meets your goals and present the users with something that motivates them. The prizes for the contest should be related to your business. You must promote the contest and monitor them.

Using right Hashtags can make difference

It is not a good idea to stuff your tweets with more than 2 hashtags. Tweets with 1-2 hashtags have the best engagement than with more hashtags. Do not try to squeeze your ideas as a hashtag. Think of better ideas that are trending and try to attract the attention of the audience.

Use Ritetag tool to find out the best hashtag for your posts. This tool also helps you to count the number of times a hashtag is used, the number of retweets, tweets with links, number of images and the number of views.

Find out your competitor’s audiences

You must know the strategies of your competitors to grow your business. Find out the ways your competitors or engaging their audience through Twitter and try to follow the same trends.

It’s never too late to try marketing your business with Twitter. Focus on what you do and it will help you boost the number of Twitter followers and audience. Improve your Twitter marketing strategy and make it more effective. Once you get active followers on Twitter, try to achieve the goals you have set.

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