How do your customers find your website?

They just find out by typing in the keywords and phrases.

Business owners, SEO experts try to use relevant keywords to find out the status of their websites on search engines. If you check the report for website traffic, the chart will give your average ranking for the targeted keywords. Most of the business owners spend on SEO to work on keyword ranking. However, keywords are just a metric to measure your SEO campaign but there are other metrics that deserve your attention.

Focus on the relevancy for getting results

The keywords are the base of a good SEO strategy. They are used in building good content, for optimization of copywriting, link building strategy and metatag. The prime use of the keywords is to optimize the correct pages on the website, which would help in displaying the right page when the keyword is searched. However, it should also be kept in mind that the results do not always matter as they would keep on varying on the basis of words used for making the search, especially, when users make use of Google voice search is made. Google mainly focuses on the history, location of the device, etc. while ranking the page.

Google is now using Rank brain, which gives out customized results, due to which, the word Page1 has now disappeared. With the use of the artificial intelligent analyzer, Google would give unpredictable search results for the same keyword search made miles away. The search result you would get would be based on the location you are in, which means relying totally on the keyword for ranking is definitely the wrong choice. The SEO success of a website is not based only on the keywords, but it also includes other elements too like the presence of the website, other keywords included, On-page and Off-page optimization, link building etc.

Focus on organic growth

As it is known that the keyword rankings should be ignored, it is time to think on how should one validate the relevancy of the organic search and its visibility to understand the growth. For knowing the organic growth, make sure the number of visitors to the site is increasing every month. Also, make a point that the visitors are through organic search. Not only the global market, the number of visitors and the new visitors to the market targeted by you should be growing. The owners or the SEO experts should also expect that the visitors who arrived from the organic search should get converted effectively. For this, you can measure or track the number of organic search with the help of internet calling, phone calls, contact numbers in forms, etc.

Conversion is equally important

When the business has achieved a good traffic, it is now important for them that the traffic gets converted into the transaction. The conversion is only possible if the company has an active interaction relationship with the customers. The relationship should also be based on strong pillars like reliability and trust. Understand that the personal search made by you wouldn’t have any good impact on the ranking. Also, the SEO strategy of other companies wouldn’t have an impact on the SEO ranking of your company. Hence, be focused on the results, as the main of your campaign is to receive lots of calls and emails that would bring your business. And to get to that position, you would definitely have to trust an SEO expert who would help you by working on designing a campaign for you, that would lead to success and create an original content for your company along with monitoring the metrics that are relevant.

Hence, to get SEO ranking, the companies and the SEO expert himself should not only depend on the keyword ranking. They should also give equal importance to the content of the website, its interaction with the market, branding process through link building, On-page, and Off-page optimization, etc. for ranking on the top of search engine results.

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