When it comes to SEO, you need to master many skills like content building, sales, digital marketing and link building. This helps other people to link their pages to your website.

Why would you need others to link to your site?

Link building is mandatory, especially if you are looking for search engine ranking and traffic.

Google Algorithm works based on the number of external links. Since 1990s Search Engines treat links as votes of popularity. If you link a famous website to yours, it earns authority. It means the famous website is suggesting your website as a good one. Passing a vote to your page is the idea behind link building. However, nofollow tag in link building send traffic to your page but without passing a vote.


Why are links important?

Links play a vital role in search engine optimization – They are the strong ranking factor in Google’s search Algorithm.

Links increase the number of audiences – Links are the best referral traffic you can earn. Links from other websites diverts audience directly to your website.

Links prove to be the best marketing strategy – Every link creates a positive connection and it builds a relationship from one website to other.


Understanding the needs of link building

What – It is the process of building a link from an independent website back to your site.

When – The popularity of link building started in late 1998 and it continues to be the major ranking factor until today.

Why – Google’s ranking is based on links. Building links from the best websites will enhance the performance of your website in the search engine ranking.

How – Link building must be done using customized strategies. You need to convince another website to link to a page on your website.

Who – Link building is done by SEO’s, online marketers, website owners to improve the traffic of a website.

Create an existence on the web through Links

Unbelievably, links are the fundamentals that prove your existence on the internet. It brings web traffic, increases the votes, and improves the page ranking and connected web pages.

The primary reasons for Link building

Firstly, they are the primary means of online navigation that guides humans from one page to another. Links are a signal of trust and authority.

Secondly, the vote of confidence! The search engine considers links as a signal of relevance and trust.

Internet and navigation

Links are the best way to navigate on the internet. If links are not available, the internet becomes difficult to navigate. The best way people navigate through websites is to type the URL of a page in the search bar, bookmark a page or click on a link. Memorizing thousands of URL and creating numerous links are not practical. Links are the power of the internet and they are critical for the search engine, better user experience, and website architecture.

Building Backlinks


High-Quality links – Improves the votes and traffic, you can sit back and watch the website reaching Google’s first page.

Low-Quality links – Get ready for Google to penalize your website faster than ever.

Take efforts to create good links

High-quality links are essential to build a relationship and divert traffic. High-quality links are created only with intentional efforts. Google’s focus is on great content so you need to create contents that are valuable to the audience. It involves promoting your pages to a website where you can get backlinks. Links do not happen without promotion.

Building the best links

You need to consider various factors to build a link that would make some sense to your website. Remember, book backlinks can damage your reputation and push you towards Google Penalty.


Page Authority

You need to check the authority of the page you wish to link to. Authoritative pages can pass on more authority to your website.

What’s the best way to check the page Authority?

Google does not give information about page authority. However, you check those using URL Rating on Ahrefs.

Website Authority

The quality of the link is based on the page and the website authority. Links from the authoritative website have a bigger impact.

You can check the Domain authority on Ahrefs.

Site Relevancy

Search for websites that have relevance to your web pages.

When it comes to link building, the relevancy of the website matters.

If you have a website on one-pot cooking, you can get links from the websites similar to yours.

The position of link on the page

Links can be embedded in any piece of content. It can be included in the header, footer or even in the body of the content. Your links not be buried somewhere at the end of the page. You need to ensure the links are placed in the body of the page for better visibility.

Editorial links are the best way to build links.

If someone links to your website due to its awesome content, it’s an editorial link.

If you create a random profile on a website and drop your link, it’s not an editorial link.

Link Anchor Text

Google uses Anchor Text for ranking.

Use the best anchor text to divert traffic.

Here, the keywords play a major role. However, do not overuse the keyword as it’s considered spammy these days.

Link Co-Citations

They are called as a baby anchor. They are the texts that appear on the link. The words and phrases that appear around the link should give clues about the page.

Link from guest post

Inviting Guest posts are the best way to add links. However, it’s getting spammy these days.

What’s not acceptable

  • Paid guest posts
  • Posts with exact anchor text
  • Sites that publish only guest posts
  • Irrelevant sites

If you wish to do a guest posting, make sure you choose a relevant site that is authoritative.

No follow and Do follow links

No follow links tell the search engine not to count the link as an endorsement.

Do follow links are best for searching engine voting and ranking.

When it comes to SEO, we need to look for do follow links.

Content is the key – Getting backlinks from Content Marketing

Best and well-written contents have a great value for SEO.

Here are the factors you need to consider while building great contents. 


Link building with email outreach

Once you have great contents on your web pages, you can start email outreach to get backlinks.

You need to reach the bloggers and writers professionally without spamming their inbox.

Find the linkers through Reverse Engineering.

Search for the target keyword on Google and look at the top sites on the first page.

Get the URL’s and Use the backlink feature on Ahrefs to find the best linkers.

You must also know, which sites to avoid.

Grab their Email Address

Use, VoilaNorbet to get the email address of the person.

That’s the best way to connect with the person who can add your link to their page.

Send a personalized email

Create a professional email script and reach out to them.

Wait patiently for their response and you are good to go!


Do not give up! Links are essential for your website. Use different strategies and marketing techniques to get better backlinks. If you have a website and want to improve the traffic from search engines, you need to consistently secure good links from the relevant websites. Link building requires strong marketing skills, creativity, and excellent communication.

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