When we talk about business in 21st century, it needs to be neoteric. And by this we mean going digital. Digital Marketing and SEO go hand in hand. We come across numerous myths when it comes to relationship between SEO and Digital Marketing. To define in precisely, SEO is all about building strategies to invite organic traffic to your website, while digital marketing acts as an active platform to put these strategies into practice. Combined together they are modern day marketing tactics.

Whether it is a small time or a global business, SEO ensures to provide you with the desired exposure to help expand your business. Here we take a look at different SEO policies which are well within your budget constraints as well as will bring in good amount of web traffic to your website.

Google on the go

We hear people saying “Google it” when it comes to searching for answers. The concept of search engine is synonymous to Google. Google is considered a global leader as far as search engine in concerned. One of the common myths about digital marketing is that being visible on Google will help in expanding your business.

When it comes to business never miss on an opportunity. Limiting yourself to Google will eventually narrow down your SEO options thereby failing to seek the desired exposure. Register your business on different search engines to increase visual traffic on your website.

Look around

Digital marketing and SEO is all about looking around before you hit the mainstream surfing. Rather than hooking for the big fish try and explore local search engine options to get more visibility. Working on a local level will help you to reach out to maximum people in a stipulated time period. These local SEO’s will eventually help you in setting a foothold and thereby grab attention of people on the lookout for services your business has to offer.

Yelp for help

For those who are unaware about YELP, it is an app and website which provides crowd sourced reviews about local businesses as well as develops hosts and markets for budding biz. In addition to this YELP also conducts training sessions for small time businesses as to how to respond to reviews, plan and execute strategies and maintain data analysis.

Roughly on an average roundabout 65 percent people are active on this app making it one of the top rated search engines. To maintain visibility on this app all you need to focus on is to be constantly active by updating information and responding to reviews. It is ratings on this app which will help in increasing work traffic on your business.

With maximum ratings be rest assured that your business is on the right track. When on Yelp make sure every consumer who uses your services puts a review about your services as well as gives you a good rating. Approximately 75 percent people choose services depending upon the number of ratings on your business. Connecting with your consumer and catering to their queries will in turn give you good Yelp ratings.

Be a social expert

When we talk about social media it is not just about giving snippets of your daily routine on the world wide web. It also is one of the finest means of expanding your business and connecting with your consumer on a day to day basis. Social media plays a crucial role when it comes to seeking online visibility. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are one of the most sought after search engines. Daily statistics reveal that on a daily basis around 2 billion search queries are posted on Facebook alone.

If you wish to escalate this visibility make it a point to get socially engaged. Post crisp and consumer friendly updates to attract work traffic to your website. Engage in constant conversation with your consumers and seek reviews from them on the services offered. Maintain a research and analysis data of the different social media platforms your consumers engage themselves on. Acclimatize the consumer with your new products. Make it a point to provide answer to the smallest of a query on your web pages.

Get video savvy

To be one to one with the consumers through SEO you need to also get video savvy and by this we mean posting vlogs associated with your business. Ensure to keep the content limited to your business and services you have to offer. Use correct annotations and provide a precise description of your video. Convince people into subscribing to your channel thereby engaging them in the process.

Making a video is not rocket science. All you need is a good camera, an editing app and a good script. The combination of these three and you are all set. Consumers today make it a point to seek video help before purchasing any product. It is only when they seek clarity on the use of the product, is when they will practically buy it. This is where YouTube will help you. Make videos relevant to your subject and ensure to keep it short. A video longer than 7 minutes, and the consumer is sure to move on to some other profile. YouTube helps you in building excellent SEO strategies thereby building good visibility traffic on your profile.

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