Instagram, the photo-sharing App has more than 700 million active users who can be your potential customers. Instagram is fun, simple and yet a growing platform for marketers and businesses that are looking for potential followers. Almost 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business every month, which gives a great opportunity for businesses to attract the audience. Having a large group of followers increases the success of your business.

Business Engagement

Instagram users visit the website of the businesses to find out more information, get directions and contact the business through direct messages or phone calls. Businesses that are active on Instagram have a greater opportunity to reach the target audience. If you are not active on this fun-filled platform, you are missing out your passionate followers.

Strategies to connect with powerful audience

In order to increase the sales of your business or to improve the number of audiences, you need to connect with a real audience who are interested in the product and services offered by you. You need to connect with the right audience who can bring successful business results. Consistency, authentic contents, goal-oriented postings are the key to successful marketing through Instagram.

Surefire ways to improve the followers on Instagram

Consistent posting

The number of postings on Instagram actually matters when it comes to Social media marketing strategy. On an average, Instagram accounts post at least one photo a day. Accounts with more than 2-3 posts per day are more successful. Consistent posting relevant to your brand and business will improve the number of followers.

Instagram follows an algorithm just like Facebook and other social media sites and consistency of posts seems to be a key element. Reaching to the top of the timeline should be the aim of marketers and the number of posts with highest shares automatically reaches the top of the follower’s feeds.

Create the best profile

Your business profile on Instagram improves the chances of increasing the followers. Instagram users try to understand your business through your profile so creating a great one is important.

  • Name – A 30-character name including a keyword is very appropriate

  • User Name – Consistent username that you use for other social media will work

  • Website – Link your website

  • Bio – Talk about your brand, product, and business In 150 characters

Tagging users and location

Increase the audience by tagging the right users and location wherever it is relevant. Tagging others users will encourage them to participate in discussions and you can also ask them to comment. If your business has a specific location, you can tag your location and ask your customers to do the same. Tagging location helps Instagram users to find your profile on this platform.

Research on quality Hashtags

Choosing the right Hashtag takes you closer to your audience. It allows you to choose 30 Hashtags per post, which is the best way to include good quality of Hashtags that connects you to the audience. Followers can easily reach your though Hashtags so it is necessary to research a bit more on quality Hashtags that will connect you with the followers.

Choosing the right Hashtag

It may be difficult to discover the right Hashtag if you do not know how to do it. First, choose few relevant Hashtags for your photo, browse through the similar photos posted by other accounts, and include those Hashtags in your original post. Including Hashtags is similar to keyword research for blogs so run a unique campaign with the best keywords.

  • Do find the best and popular Hashtags

  • Create your own Hashtags that will motivate your audience

  • Don’t use too many Hashtags that will distract your followers

  • Focus only on keywords specific to your photos, products, and services

Make your Instagram account visible to audience

The best way to promote and improve the Instagram followers is to connect with the audience on other social media. If you have a good fan following on Facebook, Twitter and other channels, you can promote your Instagram account through those media. You can also opt for paid advertisements on various social media platforms to ensure your audience makes it to your Instagram account.

Compelling captions

The caption or the title plays a vital role in improving the number of followers. Use the important words in the first few texts. Use a compelling text that turns the attention of your audience. Ask your audience to comment. You can post questions or ask them to share their ideas. Encourage them to leave a comment so the interaction continues in a positive way. Use Emoji that are appropriate to the photo and caption.

Give credits to the original creator of contents

Brands can give credit to the original creator of contents, which will directly improve the number of fan followers. Publish the contents of customers, users on the Instagram and other social media platforms. You can also ask the followers to tag their friends, which will improve the number of audiences.

Contests and discussion

Running contents on Instagram is another compelling way to drive traffic to the website. You can run a contest, ask people to like, follow, and share your posts on different channels. You can also ask them to post their comments using specific Hashtags or repost a photo on their timeline. This strategy is successful for small and large businesses.

Talk to the existing communities

Locate your audience on various communities and try to start a relevant conversation. Identify relevant accounts, Leave a comment on their discussion and encourage them to leave a comment on your photo. Searching is an important strategy in Instagram. Searching and researching will help you find where your potential audience is and it will improve your engagement with them.

Make use of Instagram Advertising

Advertising is the best way to connect with your followers instantly. Share your advertisement based on age, gender, location, demographics, interests, behavior and through existing connections and target maximum number of audience.

Creating followers on Instagram is easy if you follow the right strategy. Use the most creative way to initiate a meaningful engagement that turns the users into your potential followers. Use creative captions, videos, and photos to promote your business and services. Choose the best marketing tactics that work for your business and increase the engagement.

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