Email marketing is another facet of digital marketing. A little peep into your work mails and you fill find umpteen emails lying stagnant. There are numerous reasons as to why certain emails get the desired attention, while the rest of the lot hits the trash bin. Email marketing is a tedious and guarded affair, for you have to be extremely cautious before sending business related to emails.

A lot of reasons are associated with the failure or success of email marketing. Here we take a profound look at the concept of email marketing and how it has to be channelized to invite client traffic to the website.

Striking a rapport

If you primarily believe in seeking reply to every mail that travels out of your outbox then you need to be sincere, be categorical with your content and understand the consumer requirements. Once you manage to strike a balance of all the three then connecting with your client becomes easy.

Avoid beating around the bush and come straight to the point in the beginning of the mail. Avoid lengthy paragraphs as it will eventually be time consuming and the consumer might feel that you don’t value his precious time. Identify the needs of the client and accordingly place your pointers.

Aim the target

Monotony is a negative element when you are marketing through emails. According to statistics, approximately 42 percent people prefer to check emails on their phone rather than other devices. So to convince a client on a 5.5 inch screen, you ought to be different.

The subject line and base content of the email needs to be unique and quirky which will compel the client into opening your mail. Rather than getting into minute details use page links of your website to give the customer a general overview of your services. The less words you use, the more attention you shall seek.

Grammar perfectionist

Many a times a well designed and formulated email gets ignored simply because of grammar mistakes. English is a tricky language and hence one needs to be careful while drafting an email.

Drafting email content is a double edged sword. Either you make the deal or your break it. Simplify your mails and keep a check on grammar. In case of doubts run the content through grammar check to avoid any bickering. In addition to this, if you aim at using some specific keywords use online dictionaries for the same.


Use the email medium to make the consumer believe that you are always there to help. Research and analyze the common issues faced by your client and help them on the same. Provide the consumers with valid answers thereby generating traffic to your page.

The key is to identify the problem at the earliest through the exchange of emails and accordingly find solutions for the client and invite them into availing your services.

Positive closure

Emails not just need to be precise but they must end with an optimistic message for the client. If the consumer is a regular at your emails make sure you end each mail on a good note.

End each mail with a different annotation thereby building the consumer-company relationship. Good emails are an integral part of digital marketing so make sure you draft your mail meticulously. Good email rapport will always get good business.

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