It’s your responsibility to look after your blog and website in every possible manner to increase sales! And for that to happen, formulating a right strategy for content marketing becomes essential. It’s also important to realize that SEO is evolving and changing every day. However, having said that, it still remains the best possible option to drive traffic to your blog and website. Now, most businesses don’t know the right way to reap SEO benefits. For this very reason, the expected positive results never become a reality. Therefore, it’s absolutely vital to understand the basics of SEO, and how it works in order to avoid some of the most typical errors at the time of implementing your SEO techniques.

The following are the six most typical errors –

  1. Selection of Wrong Keywords:

The SEO success depends a lot on your collection of keywords. So, do you have the right set? If not, then the time has come to give a serious thought to this aspect. One very general error is the notion of avoiding search engine preferences. It’s extremely important to understand that most of the time search engines can hold the key for your right keywords. On the other hand, if you have developed a preference for long-tail keywords in particular, then you are again making a big mistake. You have to be very flexible in terms of your keyword selection.  At the same time, you must have a clear understanding of the context and purpose of your content. This will surely go a long way towards selecting the right set of keywords!

Again, it’s absolutely important to understand the mindset of your customers, and as to what type of search phrases they might use in the search engines. Therefore, conduct a thorough research, and then begin the optimization process. Or else, you will end up optimizing the not so appropriate keywords. Finally, you can also take the help of Google Trends if you feel like for the selection of right keywords.

  1. Publishing Duplicate Content 

Please do give emphasis on quality content at any cost! Duplication of texts once used to be a very common practice. However, times have changed, and nowadays, search engines will penalize you for taking such type of an approach. Plagiarizing or copying content is under all circumstances considered as an absolute spam practice. On the other hand, tweaking the original content just a little bit with the help of professionally designed software is also a practice that is very much discouraged. Therefore, always invest your hard earned money on meaningful and original content! This will ensure your business website never gets pushed to the last pages of the search results.

  1. Keyword Stuffing 

Do you feel tempted to use your primary keyword in each and every sentence? In this context, it’s important for you to understand that the practice of stuffing your content with keywords will not work for you anymore. If you still do so, then it will be considered as spam content. Eventually, this will hurt your overall SEO performance. Therefore, please do stay away from committing such a mistake.

  1. Omitting Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

The insertion of primary and secondary keywords in your content alone will not be enough to do your job. You must never forget the importance of meta descriptions and title tags. Search engine spiders consider these details at the time of crawling the websites. Therefore, if you do them effectively, you obviously boost the chances of your content’s good performance. At the same time, you must also remember the image tags. To make it clear, it’s all about the alt tags. Search bots are not capable of seeing the images. However, they do go through your alt tags minutely to add this type of information for the purpose of indexing the pages.

  1. Keywords Not Matching Your Content 

A search engine such as Google is always on the lookout for relevant content that suits people’s search phrases. Therefore, if your blogs are unable to meet the user needs, then they will never do well as far as the page rankings are concerned. So, creating below par content in order to include most of your keywords will never do the trick for you. For this reason, your focus should be to create quality content that meets the requirements and queries of the target audience. And you should always back it up with right search phrases or keywords at any cost.

  1. Not Taking Into Account the Speed and the Mobile-Friendly Factor

Finally, it’s high time to realize that keywords and content alone cannot provide you with the desired SEO optimization result. You must make your website mobile-friendly as well. These days, most users prefer mobile devices for their queries. Search engines can identify how much mobile-friendly your website actually is. Therefore, by not considering the mobile-friendly factor, you will jeopardize your website’s search engine ratings to a great extent. This is also applicable for your website load speed at the same time. So, you must not be in a state of shock if the slowness of your website ultimately leads to a lower SERP. Now, online tools such as GT Metrix and Pingdom are there for analyzing the reason behind a slow website. You can try them any time to solve your problem.

Now that you have got a clear idea as to what the typical errors can be, and what type of challenges lie ahead, it should not be very difficult for you to identify before actually committing them.

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