Have you written an interesting content? Do you have an amazing video? What’s next?

You may share the link social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

You may reshare the links again after a week or month and wait for the traffic to pour in.

Later, you start creating another amazing blog.

Does your job end here?

Even the high quality, best and informative content won’t promote itself!

All you need is the best content promotion strategy to get out there!

What’s content promotion

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s about getting your content to reach the target audience. It’s taking your content to the real customers who can make a difference to your business.

‘Content Promotion’ is where most of the companies fail. They think their job is done when a beautiful content is created and shared across social media. Eventually, they wait for accolades and conversions to roll in.

This technique won’t work out unless you are incredibly lucky!

That’s because the internet is the most crowded place and your contents won’t reach the audience unless you put in some effort.

Content promotion plan is essential from the day your start creating the piece of content.  If you want to see a return on your investment, it is important to follow a best content promotion strategy using the content promotion tools.

Improve your content promotion strategy with the content promotion tools

Better content is a waste of money if your audience never knows it exists. The marketing team has increased their content promotion spends by 75 percent. Here are the interesting tools that increase your blog traffic.


BuzzSumo to generate new ideas

It is important to do a competitor’s research to enhance your marketing strategy. BuzzSumo is one of the best ways to do your research. This amazing tool allows you to track the performance of your contents online. It also allows you to track the performance of your competitor. Analyze engagement of contents on various social media platform and find out important keywords used by the competitor. If you are out of ideas, this tool helps you to generate new ideas that are trending.

Generate traffic and engage your visitors with Quuu Promote

A great blog can go unrecognized if you don’t follow the right content marketing strategy.

If you are looking for the best ways to promote your blogs, Quuu Promote is the right choice. Spend few dollars to share your contents with a real audience. You can share contents with real users based on the categories you select. It shares contents on various social media platforms and with Quuu Promote users that leads to better traffic.

Bitly for Link Management

This free tool allows you to manage every link. You can now include more texts on social media posts by using bitly to shorten the links.  This tool helps you to track the links and performance of the website, which will help you understand the audience.

Schedule your contents through Buffer

Is it time-consuming to share contents through different social media platforms? Do you want a tool that shares contents on a different platform at the same time? Buffer does it for you! It is the easiest tool to share contents on various social media network and you can schedule the content in advance.

It allows you to check the schedule of the contents, allow you to monitor the time and engagement of each post. You can do all this free of cost.

Use Zapier or IFTTT to connect marketing tools, integrate and automate

You can virtually connect multiple marketing tools into Zapier and automate every marketing process.  You can send emails, campaigns, social media posts and much more. Zapier, the easy-to-use tool automates your content curation strategy. IFTTT is similar to Zapier and it helps you to integrate and automate content promotion strategy.

Sprout social – All in one marketing tool

It takes care of content publishing, analytics, social media engagement and content scheduling. If you are looking for a one-stop marketing tool for all your marketing efforts, Sprout Social is the right choice. From targeting specific contents to managing evergreen contents, Sprout social does it rightly. The reports are accurate and it will help you plan your content strategy accordingly.

Later – The Marketing platform for Instagram

Do you use Instagram more often than other social media sites?

If your answer is yes, Later is the right tool for you!

Instagram is the best platform to share visual contents of your brand. Later helps you to plan, schedule and post contents on Instagram. You can do this from a desktop! Later is one of the best-known Instagram promotion tools used by marketers so far.

Constantly share posts through Meet Edgar

Out of the numerous contents you post, few contents drive a huge amount of traffic. Resharing the contents are the best way to drive more traffic. However, it is not easy. Meet Edgar is the right tool that fills your publishing queues with the posts that drive maximum traffic. It helps you to recycle your best posts. If your evergreen blogs are shared quite often, it will bring a lot of traffic.

Final Words

What’s changed in content promotion and why is it suddenly so important?

Content promotion is not easy!

The content promotion has always been important. This doesn’t mean you can simply post few links on Facebook and Twitter and wait for the traffic to flow in. The traditional streams of traffic are less fruitful.

Using these tools, you’re on your way to get your contents into the reach of widest possible audience. Keep writing interesting articles and keep promoting them with the help of content promotion tools. Try something new, analyze the traffic and refine your approach. That’s how you can become a content promotion expert!

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