To be a crackerjack in the field of digital marketing one needs to understand the importance of pre-planning and content execution. When it comes to building a client SEO, you as an SEO planner need to aware about the regular updates in the industry.

Digital marketing has numerous facets and an SEO planner needs to be well versed with all of them. Thanks to the rising competition and emerging trends the structure of SEO planning changes every second.

1. Gathering necessary information

As an SEO consultant, you need to gather all the necessary information before making an approach. Make sure you clear the client that you need access to all the company data to design a plan. This begins with the analytics data of the company over the past few years. This is followed by gathering Google information about the company rating and its best performance.

Evaluating the company’s industry standards and its rankings is the third most important step to follow. If you plan to create and promote company related content, make sure you have a responsive company email id, for customers to reach out to you. Make regular updates on the company website and keep a track of the visitor traffic on the website. If you fail to access the aforementioned information, try finding other means to collect information before proceeding on a plan.

2. Understanding client biz

Before going on a planning spree you need to follow certain business fundamentals while designing a SEO strategy for the client. Understanding company goals and future motives is a crucial element for SEO planner.

The client website needs to be communicative and by communication we mean live webinars, newsletters, email submission, blogging and so on. Keep a track of the target audience and maintain a sheet of the various sections visited by the customer. In addition to this, look out for areas which need improvisation on the web page. Ensure the web page is well designed and is easily accessible.

3. Rectify problems

When it comes to planning SEO for a company you might face numerous external issues which might hamper the visitor traffic. Maintain a folder of the content you have posted on the web page to avoid any sort of plagiarism. Simplify the content and make it business relevant.

Maintaining web security is another important measure to be taken into consideration while placing content on the website. Keep a track of unwanted links cropping up on the company website. Such links are extremely harmful as they might plagiarize your content and patent it as their own. If you witness a significant drop in visitor traffic, sit back and analyze the issue and make a subsequent plan to solve the problem.

4. Client relationship

Any business needs to have a good rapport between the client and the service provider. While explaining SEO strategies to a potential client make sure you have studied the client business in detail.  Keep the communication precise and avoid going overboard with plans.

Be confident about what you want to achieve through your planning and how will that eventually help the client in the growth of its business. Make sure the client too is well involved in the entire planning and execution procedures.

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