Content Marketing is vital for improving your brand awareness. It also allows direct interaction with readers and customers alike and helps to collect details about your services and products and improve products based on feedback. You need to put in considerable efforts to make your content agiler and more engaging. The following tools will help you to develop an effective, actionable and useful content for the readers and convert them into potential customers. Read on to know about useful and effective content marketing tools.

Outbrain To Promote Content

Some companies develop useful and engaging content. But, they struggle to reach the intended audience and capitalize to boost sales. If you are one of them, you can make use of Outbrain to promote your content such as blog posts, videos, and infographics and reach the desired audience in the given demography. It is one of the best content marketing tools to reach more customers for enhancing sales.

MailChimp To Promote Content To Customers In Various Regions

Reaching the customers in various regions worldwide is a challenging task. If you are active in the international arena to promote your products and services, email is the best service to notify the customers about your existing as well as new products and services in a cost-effective way. The online platform – Mailchimp allows sending a customized sales pitch to millions of people worldwide in a short span of time effortlessly. It effectively handles the mail lists and also tracks the customers’ responses. It is one of the best tools for content marketers to broadcast the email messages including blog posts. It allows sending updated information to all the customers on your mailing list.

Evernote, A Great Tool For Content Marketing

Evernote is the best tool for promoting your content. It allows recording the content ideas and keeps your web clips alike for future needs. It allows sharing your content and ideas with your team and stages a decision for boosting your sales. Evernote is compatible with tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Easel.Ly To Share Infographics

Visual content (Infographics) is more effective in convincing the readers and converting them to potential customers. It is more effective than thousands of words. The online tool – allows creating and sharing of Infographics. It has thousands of templates to facilitate creating infographics with ease.

Mixpanel For Customer Analytics

Analyzing the customer preferences is vital for making changes in your products and help to introduce updated or new products to improve sales. MixPanel provides Funnel reports, retention analysis as well as user segmentation. It also allows sending customized messages to the readers. You can also use MixPanel for testing the Apps.

Atomic Ally To Improve Effectiveness Of Content

Most of the marketers like you write the articles and blog posts on their own. Atomic Ally is one of the best tools to read the articles and blog posts and suggest changes make the content more engaging and useful. You can tweak the content with the help of an inbuilt editor and make it more effective. It also has options like a genius, academic, specialist and general to select the right audience and promote the appropriate content.

An All In One Tool For Content Marketers – Hubspot

If you are one of the content marketers to boost sales, HubSpot is the best tool to create blog posts and landing pages in a cost effective way. It also has social media analytics and capability to schedule messages. It allows sending up to date messages to the customers on regular basis and has a positive effect on their minds.

Buzzsumo, The Best Tool To Analyze Competitors

BuzzSumo is the best tool to analyze the competitors, find what types of keywords used in their content promotion and prepare content at least on par. Knowing about competitors and their strategies is the best way to target your audience with top notch content.

GIMP, A Free Tool For Editing Images

If you are looking for free tools to edit or create the images for your content marketing, GIMP is the best tool. It also allows retouching photos and helps to build composite images to impress and convert the readers into potential customers.

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