How many of you feel a website is enough for getting maximum attention?

If your answer is ‘yes’, you must reconsider your thoughts.

The internet proves to be the best marketing channels for almost every business. Whether a doctor, plumber, website developer, businessman, accountant or a traveling agent, the internet connects you with customers from nook and corner of the world. You can enhance your brand and business at the global level. With more and more businesses focusing on online markets, the platform has become highly competitive than ever before.

Having an impressive website is not going to bring visitors nor increase your brand identity. Here comes the need for SEO. Regular updates on the website, improved contents and blogs are essential to get the required traffic. SEO services are an ideal combination of science and art that would help you rank your website on various search engines.

SEO Myths are very common

Search Engine Optimization is dependent on contents, blogs, articles and many other factors. Every SEO service provider has a different strategy to win. SEO is a long process and if you hear someone promising SEO results in a month or two, you must understand that it’s a myth. It takes a long time to set the SEO strategies and prove the results.

Myth 1. Blogs help in your SEO services

Fact: Blogs don’t increase your SEO presence on the website but would help in getting you more relevant traffic.

SEO services do not revolve around creating blogs and articles. Posting blogs on the website would bring relevant traffic but do not improve the overall ranking of the website. If you have an impressive website and services to offer, you need to connect the audience through great blogs and articles. This would attract new visitors to the website.

The domain authority created by the blogs would help your website drive more traffic and the required clicks. If your domain authority is low, blogs will be of no help. If you have a new website, posting blogs would bring zero benefits. Alternatively, posting blogs on external websites and backlinking them to your new website would help boost the authority of the website.

Myth 2. All backlinks are not important for building the SEO strategies

Fact: Not all backlinks help you with achieving better ranking in the search engines.

The quality of the backlinks holds much importance when it comes to building SEO strategy. But not all the links come with equal importance on SEO grounds. People think that by posting links on Facebook pages, Twitter, through emails, etc. would increase their website ranking on Google.

Link postings on social media sites are not counted as a valid backlink of your website. So, do not include this strategy while building backlinks. Few websites come with no-follow which means the Google Algorithm simply instructs the search engines not to follow the links on the page. Spam and irrelevant backlinks can harm the ranking of the website.

Backlinks that are organic, authentic and natural are considered to be the best for improving your SEO. You need to earn backlinks from a relevant industry that comes with better authority.

Myth 3: Pay $99 for ranking on Google’s page 1

Fact: There is no magical solution that would provide you ranking on the first page of Google in just $99.

You hear cheap prices everywhere. If someone promises to take care of your SEO for $99, you need to strictly avoid them. The SEO strategy comes with a number of aspects, and there is no quick fix for getting ranked on the top position on Google or any search engine.

The companies that provide such services would serve you with backlinks that are spam and would result in a penalty. If you truly want to improve your SEO strategy, get in touch with an expert who would identify your products and services, work on your content, provide you with relevant keywords, etc. that serve as the basic requirements of SEO optimization. So, if anyone provides you with an offer of $99 for number 1 rank on Google, take a U-turn and find some trustable professional.

Myth 4: Using too many keywords would improve the SEO

Fact: Having too many keywords in your website content may lead your domain rank among the spam tactics.

Gone are the days when the SEO service providers use to focus on all possible keywords and use them while framing the content of the website. Google now focuses on sites that are authoritative and are connected with actual business, getting actual visitors on regular basis. If your website or domain is filled with bulk keywords, Google may include the website among the domains that are listed in the spam tactics and would not count on it.

Including relevant and effective keywords in the content of the website is a good idea, but the process should be carried out in a natural way. There are websites who come with links also that contain the keywords, which is again a wrong idea. They also use such links on a number of platforms, which would be termed as duplicate content by Google and would be ignored, harming your website. Hence, instead of forcing the keywords in the content, make a proper content with required keywords.

Apart from all these, there are many more myths and traps that hindering the actual SEO strategies and their implementation. It is better to remain in touch with the algorithms updated by Google for staying on top Google pages with the help of factful SEO services.

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