Dieter Rams is a German Industrial Designer has more than 40 years of experience at the consumer products company Braun, which ended up establishing him as one of the most influential designers and admired by everyone in the design world. He received his greatest acknowledgment from Jony Ive, Apple’s Chief Design Officer.

Rams have laid 10 Commandments of Good Design which are still relevant in the world of design and especially in E-commerce website designing. The commandment goes as follows:

1. Good Design is Innovative:

Innovation is the core principle of web design strategies. A pioneering design should be in accordance with the latest trends, be timeless, and it should definitely demonstrate “design thinking” for an improved UX.

2. Good Design Makes a Product Useful:

A good design enhances the usefulness of the product, disregarding anything that could possibly detract from it. It also satisfies functional, psychological and aesthetic requirements of the product.

3. Good Design is Aesthetic:

The aesthetic appeal of a product is integral to its usefulness as it very much becomes part of our life. Until and unless a website is visually appealing, it will not be able to get the traffic expected.

4. Good Design Makes a Product Understandable:

A perfect product structure makes a product self-explanatory. A website should be clear on its usage and presentation. The site navigations should be simple and user-friendly. There should be proper communication between a user’s perception and the design’s capability of delivering. For example, ETQ online store is a perfect e-commerce web design. Its visuals and bold typography evoke interest and help clarify the product’s structure and make the product talk.

5. Good Design is Unobtrusive:

A website design should be neutral and restrained in nature.It should allow users to have a stronghold of what they want to do. The design should be user-focused, not designer-driven.

6. Good Design is Honest:

Honesty should be the guiding principle for web designers to focus on during the designing and development phase. Design should be honest in nature, it should not manipulate the user with fake promises, the website should do what it claims to do.

7. Good Design Is Thorough Down to the Last Detail:

A website should contain all the information required nothing should be left. Every minute detail on the website should be tested before with utmost care and accuracy. A good usability testing makes it an excellent web-design, the initial feedback can help in improving and turn into a robust design that works seamlessly for all users.

8. Good Design is Long-Lasting:

A good design should be timeless in nature, it should be developed from a selected few market trends with a potential to stand to affirm in the field. It should not be a group of all the latest web design trends making it unable to stand the test of time.

9. Good Design is Environmental Friendly (Conserves Resources):

It is important to create web designs which eliminate double wastage of time while scaling up.  The time taken in utilizing templates or falling back on a code library can be reduced if the design is environment-friendly in nature.

10. Good Design is as Little Design as Possible:

Less is definitely more in the world of e-commerce. A website focusing on the most important aspects ignoring the non-essential elements is user-friendly in nature.

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