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This infographic explains how different things turn graphic designers mad. The first among them is that they are asked to work for free. This might seem unrealistic to many of you, but yes, many graphic designers are urged to work for free. The temptation they are given is that this will improve their portfolio. Making your portfolio strong is a very good thing, and who doesn’t want to do this, but the problem is, we also need to consider the cost of living. Designers cannot eat their portfolio, they, too, are human beings. The second annoying thing for most designers is that they are compared to non-professional designers who are available online. This method is used most of the time in haggling process when hirers are bargaining and convincing the designers to agree on less and fewer wages. Companies don’t consider that there is a huge difference between a professional graphic designer with many years of experience and the other non-professional designer who has no experience at all.

A really frustrating and annoying thing for designers is that they are continuously asked to work with flattened files. They are always provided with JPG or PDF files which are non-editable. It is the request of graphic designers that you should provide them with files that can be edited because it will make their task much easier. It is commonly seen that people keep on sending whole albums of photos in MS Word files to the designers and ask them to edit and resize these photos without losing the original sharpness. This is not humanly possible.

Getting feedback is not a bad thing, but the point is when you get feedback from those people who don’t know anything about the field, it can be really misleading. If you will ask your relatives for the feedback about the things that these designers have created, they will give you no insightful remark, instead, they will only give you emotional comments. So it is better that if you insist on getting some feedback, get it from some expert people. Graphic designing can be proved helpful in T-shirt designing as well; designers can use this to their advantage by making T-shirts. They can earn some money by selling these shirts at SunFrog.

There are other companies who keep on asking to make the logo of their website bigger and bigger. They must understand that bigger is not always better, besides there are other things on the website as well, and they also need some space to breathe. You also shouldn’t take too much time making revisions because designers have other things to do as well.

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