The ranking of the website can drop due to many reasons. You need to know if the drop was normal or it had a bit of trouble. In most of the cases, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with the traffic and ranking, however, evaluating your Site’s SEO is essential to know if it’s doing well.

Traffic drops

You hear the customers worrying that their traffic dropped and it’s not just the customers but even the SEO experts would be shocked to see a sudden drop in the traffic. The only place to find the exact analysis of the traffic is to go to Google Analytics. Google Analytics would help you find a straightforward answer. It will help you find if the traffic drop is due to a bad SEO or just another reason.

Google Analytics groups the traffic from various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing under ‘Organic Search’ and the traffic from social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest as ‘Social’. This would help you locate the traffic drop. However, you don’t have to panic when there’s a real drop as there could be many other factors that pull down the traffic of the website.

Look after the right period and time frame

There are a number of businesses that work on a seasonal basis. During seasons, they might have a boom on the line graphs, while the off-season period would be down. With the help of this chart, the service providers would be able to notice the perfect and right time frame and keep a watch on the traffic derived during that particular period, whether it is the day, week, month or year. Also, if the time frame of the graph is of the current day, week, or month, make sure the end of the line is dropping down which indicates the last day which is still not over and can gather desired traffic.

It’s hard to check the ranking

Did you notice the traffic drop?

Well, it is common for the traffic of a website to drop and there should be a best possible way to find the reason. Most of the customers would assume to be on the top of the search engine through their personalized Google Search but practically they may not be on top. It’s quite difficult to know the rankings of the website through Google personalized Browser.

Try Google Search Console

The ‘Search Analytics’ on Google Search Console can help you find the number of impressions on your sites and the number of clicks. The impression is the number of times your website shows up in the search result. If there is a drop in the number of impressions, you’ll know there is a problem. However, as discussed earlier, the time/session is also important to find out if it’s just a temporary drop or a permanent one.

Secondly, you can look at the ‘Index Status’ of Google Search Console that will tell you the number of pages that are indexed in Google. If you are looking for a steady rise in the traffic, indexing is essential. You’ll know if the traffic is doing good or bad based on the index status of your website.

It’s good to keep a track of your Site’s SEO

With the tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can easily check the performance of your website. If the stats are looking fine, you are well and good but if you see something strange, you must know there is a search SEO problem that needs immediate attention.

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